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Dear New Students of Thurston Sixth

Welcome to Thurston Sixth and your new courses. You are joining an extra-ordinary learning community with a reputation for academic excellence and first rate support. Your preparation for your new courses starts here. Your new teachers have put together various activities and resources that will help you to start your new courses in the right frame of mind and on the ‘front foot’. This material is much more detailed and comprehensive than in previous years due to current ‘lockdown’.

How to prepare for your sixth form studies

Compulsory preparation tasks - These are tasks that you should try your best to complete before starting the course in September. Some courses will require you to complete tasks to be handed in when you start the course, others will require you to practise skills and learn new material so that you can successfully complete the initial assessments at the beginning of the year. Please read and follow the instructions carefully.  Click on the link at the bottom of the page to view the tasks.

Additional research – writing, thinking, listening, watching.  Sixth form learning requires you to become more proactive, more independent and develop a broader understanding of your chosen subjects. These activities are optional. They are designed to be fun and interesting and will help you to become a stronger, more confident, more interested and more interesting student.

Support - Some of these tasks and activities will be more challenging than others. If you become stuck or need any support please ask. Asking for help is not a weakness. It is an important part of the way academics take responsibility for their learning. Please contact teaching staff directly or contact us via the link below. If your personal circumstances restrict your ability to complete these tasks, please contact us so that we might help to find an agreed solution.

adminsixth@thurstoncollege.org  or http://www.thurstoncollege.org/Contact-Staff/

Updates - Some of the courses will be adding tasks and activities over the coming weeks and months. I will be in regular contact over the coming weeks to let you know when these new activities go on line.

Finally, we are in challenging and unusual times. However, we are an extra-ordinary sixth form community and we know that you will experience a wonderful and life changing two years at Thurston Sixth. We will keep you updated with any developments as they arise. For now, try to maintain a routine, enjoy these challenges and become absorbed in the learning of your new courses. Be curious and become brilliant.

Best wishes

Paul Potter (Vice Principal) and Pippa Cooper (Raising Standards Leader for Year 12)

Please click on the link below to view the Summer Tasks to be completed for September 2020

YEAR 11 into 12 SUMMER TASKS 2020

Option Blocks 2020 (updated March 2020)